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Mamaput Spot

Egusi with Beef

Well cooked eguisi with African ingredients give you the test of home..


Grilled Chicken

Fully grilled chicken quarters, highly sauced with African Spices.


Fried Plantain


Jellof Rice

Fresh Jellof rice that can be paired with any meat


Grilled Tilipia with Plantain

Well Grilled Tilipia fish with roasted plantain or Fried Plantain with a sauce.


Grilled Tilipia

Highly Grilled Tilipia with head, Spicy and Mild.


Fried Mackerel

Fried pieces of delicious fish


Grilled Plantain


Fried Potato

Well Seasoned Fried Potato


Extra Beef

Juicy portions of beef



Pounder Yam


Mixed Vegetable Salad

Will dressed salad made with cabbage and other vegetables


Egusi without Beef